Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tortoise SVN for Windows tips

I just figured out two new features in Tortoise SVN today. First off, you can get SVN info showing up in Windows Explorer.

1. Go to a folder that contains files you checked out from SVN. Go to View -> Details
2. Right click on any column to get a list of available columns.
3. Select "More" and scroll down until you get to the list of "SVN" details. I highly recommend SVN Status & SVN Revision.
4. Click OK and then refresh the window. You'll have SVN status & revision # on all the files in the folder controlled by SVN.

5. (Optional) Go to Tools -> Folder Options and click the View tab. Hit Apply to All Folders & you'll have this same view for all folders next time you open them.

Trick #2.
1. Open up TortoiseSVN settings & go to "General".
2. Click on the "Set filedates to the "last commit time"
3. Hit Apply & then OK.

Your files from SVN will now show the last time you committed them as the modification time. One note here: this didn't seem to work for me until I deleted my files from my SVN working copies & checked them out again.

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